The Current Situation and the Progress in Yanadi Community

by Jiin Kim - UN Volunteer

It’s well known that some places in the world are struggling due to poor living conditions and insufficient food supplies and education system, but today, we would like to bring you attention to Yanadi community. This post tells you all about the current situation and what are the progress looking like in Yanadi community. Most importantly, we all know that making donation and spreading the word can help these communities, but what’s in it for you? Why should you care?

The Current Situation

It was discovered that Yanadi tribal community is living in humanly impossible environment. It needs immediate health care support that can protect children from viral disease. Also, children are not getting sufficient education. In order to avoid remaining as illiterate like their parents and grandparents and to give them a better chance in life, they need to be sent to school immediately. Unfortunately, people living in Yanadi are involved in rag-picking and begging and they gather left over food from other communities. In addition, their living huts are less than 15fts in width and around 5fts heights and although their capacity is for 2 people, Yanadis live in those huts with other 10-12 people, from different families.

The Progress

Donate today and be part of a hopeful future:

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