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This project is aimed to protect the human rights of the Yanadi tribe, regarding their current vulnerable condition. Landless and homeless, they are constantly abused by upper castes/classes and non-tribals, including bonded labour and sexual harassement, and less than 10% of them are literate.

Yanadi children usually follow their parents begging, and rag picking. They suffer from different kinds of skin diseases, stomach and liver illnesses and severe malnutrition complications. NewBeginnings is already providing monthly medical care for the community and runs two 'Joyful Learning Centres (JLC)' where kids are taught literacy, child rights, hygienic habits and dance.

This fundraising will mainstream the children and pay for their school, tuition, stationery and uniform fees. The fees will be paid directly at the school and NCT coordinator follows up the children right from enrollment to completion of academic year. They will also get evening tuition classes after school at the JLC. The next academic year starts in June 2018 in India.

In order to empower the Yanadis, the project works in two fronts: EDUCATION & NUTRITION:

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